Stay At Dhikala Forest Rest House, Jim Corbett National Park, India.

Planning to visit Jim Corbett?

Dhikala Grassland, Jim Corbett National Park, India

The best place to stay inside the forest is Dhikala Forest Rest House in Jim Corbett National Park. We started 6 in the morning and reached Ramnagar by 11:30 am. Roads from Delhi to Corbett National Park is good and have one 30 KM very bad stretch which start after 10 KM crossing Muradabad and goes till Uttarakhand Border. This bad road takes about an hour of roller coaster ride. Once you reach Ramnagar you are about to enter the Jim Corbett National Park. Remember you need to reach Dhangadi Entry Gate before 2PM, after that you will not be allowed to enter the gate which lets you in for Dhikala Forest Rest House. As its inside the real forest and owned by the govt. there are norms and guidelines to follow. Forest staff checks all the id’s of each visitor and language before you proceed to DhikalaDhikala is 32 KM from the Dhangadi Entry Gate which takes about one hour 40 minutes to reach your place to stay inside the forest.

Beautiful View Just Behind the Forest Rest House

Once you reach the Dhikala Rest House be comfortable and check in to your rooms which are already booked and have lunch. No room service is provided in this rest house so kindly check with the staff what are the timing for restaurant. There is a small canteen too where you can also have food but it is not going to be buffet what ever they make they will serve. Its cheaper than the main restaurant but with limited choice. The food is good in both the places so need not to be worried about the quality.

Wild Asian Elephants, Dhikala Grassland.

You have choice of booking the rest house for one night or two nights. If you plan to stay for two nights its much better as you will have more time on safari as you will get 4 safari rides to the jungle.
The best part of Dhikala Forest Rest House is that you stay inside a very beautiful jungle which is covered one side with huge lake, another side with grassland and third one is with woods.

Why we started this blog and the services to get you booking for Dhikala is because you do not get booking online before 45 days on top 90% you do not get it, which is dirt cheap and when you pay more to have instant booking within a week or 15 days you end up paying more for a package for Dhikala Rest House. Once you book with us you are going to have no issues, what we faced many times staying there. Some time wrong information, some time wrong commitments and some times worst vehicles for reaching there. As we are frequent traveller we thought of starting our passion as business of travel business. We do group/personal booking for adventure travel, camping, wild life, dessert, mountain travelling with very different ideas. If you are travelling to north of India and looking to plan your holidays just do let us know and we will plan it for you.

For Booking kindly send us email at and we will get back to you ASAP.


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